Friday, January 22, 2021

About Me

I research and write about management techniques for a world increasingly challenged by rapid change. I study dynamic environments across all industries, with a recent focus on the effects of technology in the higher education industry as it makes a transition to technology time. I combine research with a long standing role as a commercial and higher education management practitioner.

I'm still excited by the potential for technology to enhance organizations, and revolutionize industries. There is much more to come, and increasingly the biggest challenge is keeping pace. That’s why I turned my professional attention to dynamic management, as the subject of my research and my PhD. My professional vision is to help the world more rapidly and appropriately leverage the technology revolution for genuine benefit. I believe the increasing rate of change presents both a threat to, and opportunity for, the success of projects conducted across all industries. This challenge has been acknowledged as a key unresolved issue in management, and one that will become even more important as time goes on.

My Studies on Project Dynamism

I've completed three research projects into the problem of dynamism. The first project was an analysis of existing research revealing suitable management approaches already available. In the second study I interviewed leading project managers around the world about how they dealt with dynamism. Some of these participants were high profile industry leaders. In the third study, focus groups were conducted with leading practitioners across many industries, in order to verify and expand upon the findings of the second study. Participants have come from ten different industries: defence, community development, construction, technology, pharmaceutical, film production, scientific startups, venture capital, space, and research. I have developed a continuously evolving theory on the management of dynamism in projects.


I'm a project management practitioner with 27 years commercial and higher education management experience. I conducted research as part of a cluster at the UQ Business School at the University of Queensland in Australia. The opinions I express on this site are my own and do not represent the official position of any organisation. I'm very interested in working on challenging public-good or innovation projects, reporting directly to the key stakeholder.

Dr Simon Collyer